Air brush backgound tutorial

I have been asked how I created the background on my "The Secret" Box, I masked the digital stamp and then air brushed it in, here is how I did it.

1. I use Eclipse masking paper that's 6" wide and on a roll, it's a low tack tape that can be printed on, using a household printer, I beleive you can also get it in A4 sheets with a paper backing.

2. Firstly print your image, to the size you want, onto your blending card.

3. Stick a piece of Eclipse  tape onto a sheet of ordinary paper.
Then using the exact same settings as before print your image again onto the Eclipse, so it is the same size as the first.

4. Now cut out your image, make sure it is on the inside of the black line, otherwise you will get a halo effect later. For the more intricut parts, around the neck and arms I used a craft knife.

5. Once it's all cut out the tricky bit is to line the mask up with your image on the blending card, this can take a few attempts but because it's low tack nothing will be ruined, it pays to take your time here because if it overlaps you will get a white line (halo effect)around your image.

6. Once your happy it's in the correct place, it's time to have fun creating your background with an airbrush, I sprayed from left to right to give the effect of waves, the colours I used were.
B14, B04, G16, BG000, BG45, BG75
The darker colours I used under the image to create shadows.

7, Then gently peel away the mask and your left with your image ready to colour. You can store your mask and use it again if you want.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions please ask.

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