Friday, 18 March 2016

Aurora Wings Slow Loris Rescue Fundraiser

Mitzi is having a fundraising event to raise money and awareness of this adorable creature 
the Slow Loris
You can read about this over at the
and also get your digi, and how to enter the colouring competition.

Aurora Wings Challenge Blog is celebrating our 2-year anniversary with a special fundraiser for Slow Loris Rescue at  Slow lorises are becoming endangered from poaching and mistreated in illegal exotic animal trades. Our fundraiser hopes to raise awareness in the general public beyond that of "a viral video of the cute animal being tickled" and to raise fund for the charity organization that actively rescues and rehabilitates these animals.

creative knockouts Spring is on its way
crafty creations Spring fever
Simon says stamp Cute and Cuddly

Hugs Debs

Friday, 4 March 2016

Venus Flytrap Sprite

Hi there, I have a wonderful new release to share with you today
She is called Venus Flytrap Sprite

As soon as I saw her I thought of that play "The Little Shop of Horrors" where the plant shouts   FEED ME
 that is what inspired me to colour a female version.
I also layered some of the leaves.
Please take a look at what the other ladies have done at the

Mitzi has been Mega busy, not only has a produced Venus but she has also got another New Release for you that I haven't had time to colour yet.
Paying Mantis Sprite

Thank you for looking